The Tale of Rose
The Tale of Rose

The Tale of Rose

Born into a scholarly family, Huang Yimei grows up surrounded by care and affection, displaying artistic talent from a young age. Early in her career, she quickly gains recognition and meets her partner, Zhuang Guodong. They fall in love but eventually drift apart. This period of professional growth gives her a clearer vision for her future, leading her to return to school for further education. After graduation, she marries her senior, Fang Xiewen. However, their divergent career paths lead to a divorce. Huang Yimei then starts her own business and makes a name for herself in the planning for art exhibitions. During this time, she meets her soulmate, Fu Jiaming, but their love story ends tragically with his passing just a few months later. Despite this, Huang Yimei remains resilient, continuing to strive for a more fulfilling life.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Liu Yifei , Tong Dawei , Lin Gengxin , Wan Qian , Lin Yi , Peng Guanying , Wallace Huo , Zhu Zhu , Bi Wu

Director: Wang Jun



Duration: Array

Release: 2024

IMDb: 0/10

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